Global Meilleur Academy offers a differentiated curriculum
and a world-renowned Total Beauty Special Courses

Meilleur, a Total Beauty semi-permanent acupuncture academy specializing in the Korean semi-permanent area with differentiated curriculum and unique technique is available in Asia, Southeast, Europe, and North America and also, has hosted the biggest international beauty contests in Korea.


I am the chairman of Federation of International Beauty Artist in Korea and also, has hosted the contests in Korea as well as in various countries. Besides, I am the chairman of Korean delegation in various countries. Meilleur Academy is one of the most celebrated festivals and events in Korea and we are supporting generously for growth and wide activities of learners. Meilleur Academy!!, which aims to nurture the best professionals with the best technique, the best efforts and the best results like the meaning of Meilleur.


We carry out the education of One to One customized training according to individual ability to learn and also, are nurturing the best specialist with systematic theory as well as design, technique, mutual practice, posture correction and so one through a differentiated curriculum.

Jeju - Meilleur Academy

The Global Meilleur Academy is headquartered in Korea and is active in many countries including and Southeast Asia.


Chairman of the Corporation, FIBA

MALAYSIA - Meilleur Academy

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Hong Kong - 1:1 Customized education

Customized education by level suitable for the individual ability

ZHENGZHOU - Meilleur Academy

Practice-focused education

Vietnam - Meilleur Academy

Responsible education

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반영구화장학원 메르뷰아카데미, 제 28회 서울국제휴먼 올림픽대회 전원 수상!

May 02, 2017

반영구화장학원 메르뷰아카데미 수강생들이 글로벌한 국제 규모의 미용 올림픽대회에 참가하여 수강생 전원이 반영구부분 전체 1등을 하는 쾌거를 거뒀다. 이번 서울 국제 휴먼 올림픽대회는 헤어, 피부, 메이크업, 네일, 반영구 등 많은 종목으로 국내 뿐 아니라 중국, 일본, 베트남 등 각국의 선수들이 함께 참가해 뜨거운 경쟁을 펼쳤다.

강남 반영구아카데미 '메르뷰아카데미' 제 27회 국제 올림픽대회 성공적인 마무리!

November 26, 2016

'메르뷰아카데미' 가 주관한 제 27회 국제 휴먼 올림픽 대회가 서울 코엑스 인터컨티넨탈 호텔에서 성공적인 마무리를 하여,


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The Global Meilleur Academy is headquartered

in Korea and is active in many countries including China and Southeast Asia.

Our Address

서울시 강남구 학동로 332 2F (논현2동 240-7)

2F 332 Hakdong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, KOREA

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday  10:00AM – 21:00PM